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VMware ThinApp Bootcamp Video Series - Starting 10/31

I mentioned this on a forum post the other day that VMware is offering another Community bootcamp series, this time for ThinApp. It is scheduled to start on Monday, October 31st and is a 6 part series. VMware will release one on-demand video each day covering a wide variety of ThinApp topics.


This past summer VMware did a similar series for VMware View which I participated in and I thought is was very beneficial, especially for those just starting to learn about View. I would expect the ThinApp series to be just as beneficial. There is also a VMTN community section for forum posts as the series progresses.


The ThinApp Bootcamp Video Topics are: 

  • ThinApp Design Best Practices
  • ThinApp Implementation Best Practices
  • ThinApp Performance Enhancement Techniques
  • Scripting Within ThinApp
  • Isolation Mode Explained

For more information check out the Thin App Bootcamp Page