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  • April 22, 2012 3:30:21 PM EDT

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Today I watched the 4th of the new VMware View Bootcamp Series Videos call 'VMware View Best Practices'. As I have done with a number of the Bootcamp Series I have put together a summary of the presentation. It is always recommend to watch the full video for more detailed information

VMware View Back Up Best Practice
Speaker – Laurynas Kavaliauskas, Alliances Systems Engineering
Tips and tricks to for data back up and recovery solution Back up requirements and storage design

This was one of the shorter of the video series, about 12 and half minutes and provides an overview of the best practices for backups and restores in a VMware View Environment. The agent consists of: 

  • Review View Architecture
  • Data Flow within View environment
  • Backup Guidelines
  • Restore Guidelines
Review View Architecture

In this section the speaker goes through an overview of the VMware View Architecture and components including View Composer and View Connection Server. He also goes though the sequence of installation for a View Environment. This provides a basis for the discussion on the critical components and recommendations for backup.

Data Flow within View environment

Here the speaker review how users connect to the a View environment and how their Virtual Desktop is provisioned. He goes through the secure of requesting a desktop through the View client, authenticating through the View Secure Server, connecting to View Manager and returned a virtual desktop.

Backup Guidelines

This is the main section of the presentation reviewing the critical components of a View environment to be considered for backup as well as the best practices and recommendations for each.

Three critical components were discussed for backup considerations

  • View Connection Server
  • vCenter Server/View Composer
  • Active Directory


  • View - AD-LDS ADAM database ( recommends daily backup of this database )
  • View Connection Server - Monthly Backups
  • Active Directory - Daily ( Microsoft Best Backup Practices) or HA Setup
  • vCenter database and View Composer Database - daily backups or HA
  • Stateless Desktops - Master Image backup VM

Restore Guidelines

Here the speakers discusses the restore components needed for a complete View Infrastructure Install as well as the sequence of component installs. This includes the restore of the vSphere environment, vCenter, View Connection Server and other View components


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