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  • Next-gen local VDI storage options compared
    Posted by David Bieneman June 25

    'After looking at various options, the customer decided to test three solutions – Virident PCIe flash, Atlantis ILIO, and Liquidware Labs Flex-IO. The last two products create RAM based datastores within vSphere to be used as local storage.'


    For more, see Chris Millers blog post. Link below...



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  • Sep 19, 2014 4:06:14 AM
    Last week during the podcast we did with Raytheon, we got to talking about VMI (like VDI, but instead of desktop clients connecting to remote virtual desktops, it's mobile clients connecting to remote virtual mobile apps). The topic of "user experience of VDI" came up, with most people agreeing that the user experience of VDI on a tablet was not good. But why is that? It's not because of the "VDI-ness" of things. It's not because you're remoting your applications. (Heck, the entire web is...
  • Sep 16, 2014 4:03:00 AM
    During my work life of the last decade at Login Consultants I have come across many large-scale RDSH and VDI environments. From my point of view, a lot of these environments suffer from similar structural issues. Over and over again, I see RDSH and VDI projects that do not live up to the sky-high expectations of the IT organization. Projects are over time, over budget and the resulting environments are way more complex and time consuming to manage than expected. It is peculiar that this still...
  • Sep 15, 2014 4:03:00 AM
    In our final video from VMworld 2014 in San Francisco last month, I stopped by AppSense's booth to get a demo of their latest features. (You may recall that Gabe wrote the new 8.5 release last month, so this video is a demo of some of those features.) The big thing for AppSense in 8.5 is that they're focusing on the little features that make AppSense more useable at scale. (I love that they continue to focus on physical desktops in addition to VDI and RDSH sessions.) One new thing is they...
  • Sep 12, 2014 4:20:00 AM
    One of the new (to me) vendors from VMworld 2014 last month was SolidFire, a storage vendor who sells a scale-out all-flash array that starts at 200k IOPS and 48TB for larger VDI environments. (Please visit the site to view this media)
  • Sep 4, 2014 4:03:00 AM
    One of the coolest things I learned at VMworld last month was that LoginVSI is planning to create a sort of monitoring tool that will be, hands-down, exactly what's we've been needing for the past 15 years. I can't wait! You probably know LoginVSI from their namesake tool that lets you run simulated sessions on VDI or RDSH servers to test how many users you can get on a particular server. (We like the LoginVSI product so much that we named it as a finalist for the Best of VMworld 2014 awards...
  • Sep 3, 2014 4:03:00 AM
    A few weeks ago I visited Violin Memory, an enterprise storage vendor. I had managed to avoid them for the past ten years or so, because, you know, their name is Violin Memory, and I had assumed they made memory. So anyway it turns out they don't make memory—they make flash-based storage appliances. But what sets them apart and what I really like is their hardware. Yeah, they have the same Toshiba SSD chips that everyone else uses. The difference is that most enterprise flash-based...
  • Sep 2, 2014 5:03:00 AM
    Last week at VMworld 2014 I met with Rana Kanaan, VP of products at Workspot, to get a demo of the latest version of their product. You might remember that Harry Labana wrote about Workspot here on BrianMadden.com about a year and a half ago. The basics are that the Workspot app provides remote mobile access to web and SaaS apps; files in network file shares and SharePoint; and most recently remote desktops and published applications through an RDP client. It has built-in VPN and SSO...
  • Aug 27, 2014 4:22:00 PM
      We recorded a podcast today from the TechTarget booth at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. We focused on the desktop and end-user computing news of the show, including: Blast 2 on a Chromebook powered by NVIDIA VMware Project Fargo VMware's ThinPrint print renewal The VMware Workspace Suite NVIDIA won the Best of VMworld Gold award in the desktop category LoginVSI won a finalist award RES IT Store won a finalist award AppSense self service and post desktop Violin Memory is...

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