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  • Next-gen local VDI storage options compared
    Posted by David Bieneman June 25

    'After looking at various options, the customer decided to test three solutions – Virident PCIe flash, Atlantis ILIO, and Liquidware Labs Flex-IO. The last two products create RAM based datastores within vSphere to be used as local storage.'


    For more, see Chris Millers blog post. Link below...



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  • Nov 20, 2014 9:42:00 AM
    We've been writing a lot in the past year or so about how VDI has started to turn the corner and people are actually starting to use it in a big way now. But I have to wonder—is this because VDI actually got better, or is it because our once-lofty expectations have come down? Consider each: Case 1: VDI is all grown up Last year I wrote the article, 2013 is the year that two of the biggest showstoppers to VDI adoption are finally solved. Here's how. My two main points were (1) modern...
  • Nov 14, 2014 12:01:00 PM
    Last week I briefly mentioned HP's Moonshot product in an article I did about VDI storage . After reading that article, Jack asked some questions and pointed out that we hadn't actually written a proper article on Moonshot, so that's what I'm doing today. What is Moonshot? If you haven't heard of HP's Moonshot hardware, it's essentially a modern day blade system. Like traditional blades, there are multiple cartridges that each have their own processors, RAM, and storage. The current Moonshot...
  • Nov 12, 2014 5:03:00 AM
    A flare-up on twitter yesterday around Linux and VDI between AppDetective (@AppDetective) and Mark Lockwood (@_mlockwood) got me thinking a little bit more about the idea. Their conversation started because VMware recently announced that they will be building Linux support into Horizon View, which is not usually the kind of thing that gets old-school Windows guys-turned-bloggers all worked up. It is, however, something that the industry can support. For years the likes of Red Hat, Virtual...
  • Nov 11, 2014 3:04:00 PM
    Fresh back from Storage Decisions 2014 in NYC last week, we continued our storage discussions by welcoming Bala Narasimhan of PernixData to the show. In this sponsored podcast, we talked about how the PernixData FVP product works, how it's implemented into environments, the benefits of buying software-only solutions over hardware/software solutions, and about how FVP is more of a performance solution than a straight-up storage solution. A large part of the conversation focused on the importance...
  • Nov 3, 2014 5:03:00 AM
    Storage Decisions 2014 is taking place this week in NYC. I have a session today called "10 ways storage can make your VDI project fail," and I figured this would be good topic for an article. (If you're here at Storage Decisions , you can see my presentation live at 11:45 in the Track 2 breakout room.) Much of this content should already be familiar to regular BrianMadden.com readers, though it's nice to have everything in one place. Here are the ten points I’ll make in the presentation,...
  • Oct 23, 2014 11:10:00 AM
    For the past five years or so, I've said again and again that I don't like non-persistent / shared / locked down images for VDI. In fact that was a core tenant of our 2012 book, The VDI Delusion. Why I didn't like persistent in the past If you go way back to 2008, I was actually a fan of non-persistent / layered desktop images . I believed that the management, security, and headache savings of just delivering apps "on demand" into a shared base image was the way to go. The main think that...
  • Nov 12, 2014 9:37:05 AM

    At the Pentagon, most Army PCs will be replaced with virtual desktops
    Over the next year, most of the Army's IT users at the Pentagon will see the PCs under their desks carted off one-by-one and replaced with virtual desktops as part of an aggressive schedule to implement zero client interfaces. The Army's Information ...

  • Nov 16, 2014 8:51:17 PM

    We have deployed 1.3 million virtual desktops in India: Manish Sharma ...
    Financial Express
    Educational institutions in India are slowly breaking away from the conventional way of computing. Instead, they are investing in low-cost shared computing technology— also called virtual desktops—provided by Santa Clara, California-based NComputing.

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